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Why do I need a Will?

Although it is not a pleasant thought thinking about the future when you are no longer here, it does give peace of mind knowing your wishes will be catered for and your loved ones will not need to go through more heartache in a drawn out process when dealing with your affairs.  That is why we always recommend that all adults should have a properly prepared signed Will.  A Will allows you to state exactly how you wish the assets of within your estate to be dealt with when you die.

What does a Will cover?

A Will covers all aspects of your estate on your death.  If you have children under the age of 16 you can appoint a Guardian in your Will who will look after your children should something happen to you. If you have an item that you wish to leave to a specific person then stating that in your Will is the ideal way to ensure it does go to them.  You can state whether you wish any house or property you own to go to a certain person or whether it should be sold and the money from the sale given to one or more persons or indeed to Charity.

Generally in a Will where there is a husband/wife the bulk of the estate is likely to be left to the surviving spouse. Upon the death of the surviving spouse, if there are children, you may wish your estate to go to them, but there are always exceptions. Perhaps you would like to leave a legacy to an old friend, to thank them for being there for you or perhaps you would like to leave some money to a Charity that you feel strongly about.  Such wishes can be clearly stated in your Will.

How do I arrange a Will?

Preparing a Will is a relatively easy process and we will deal with all the paperwork for you.  You will need to have a meeting with one of our Partners, all of whom have many years’ experience of drafting Wills.  We will discuss with you what exactly you want in your Will, ensuring that anything specific will be clearly expressed.  After your meeting we will send you a draft Will to look over. If you have any queries, comments or changes then we will discuss these with you before sending out the Will in principal, for you to sign. Alternatively, you can come into our Office to sign your Will.

Once your Will is signed and witnessed we will complete it for you and send you a photocopy for your records.  We will hold your Will for you in our Safe, free of charge, to ensure it doesn’t get lost or destroyed accidentally. 

If you already have a Will but it is now no longer appropriate, we can update this for you and ensure your old Will is destroyed. We would recommend that your Will be reviewed by you at regular intervals and particularly when there are alterations to the inheritance regime.

What do I need to do?

If you wish to make a Will or have any questions regarding the terms of your Will please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you wish an appointment with one of our Partners to make a Will, it would be helpful if, at your initial appointment, you bring with you the names and addresses of any party to be named in your Will, whether as a beneficiary or as Executor, the Executor being responsible for the implementation of your instructions contained within your Will.

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