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Power of Attorney


What is a Continuing/Welfare Attorney?

A Continuing Attorney has the authority to deal with your financial, business and/or property affairs.

A Welfare Attorney has the authority to deal with matters relating to your personal welfare.

Is a Power of Attorney right for me?

The grant of a Power of Attorney can be beneficial for various reasons. It will allow someone you trust to act on your behalf and in your name if you are not able to deal with things yourself.  Your Attorney will have the ability to ensure your financial and welfare situations are properly managed.

Signing a Power of Attorney does not automatically put it in force.  It can lie dormant and be used only if needed.  It can be a safeguard for your future in case your circumstances change. Granting a Power of Attorney now will put your mind at rest knowing it is there if needed.

In the future, if you decide to change your Attorney or completely withdraw a Power of Attorney, this can easily be done by getting back in touch with us.


How do I grant a Power of Attorney?

Granting a Power of Attorney is a relatively easy process. You will require to state who you wish to be your Attorney and the powers he/she will have to manage your affairs.  You may appoint more than one Attorney and you can decide whether they will act together to make decisions or whether they can act independently of each other. There is attached a Certificate which must be signed by a Solicitor or a Doctor confirming that in their opinion you are in a position to grant a Power of Attorney and fully understand the implications of so doing. Once the Power of Attorney has been signed by yourself and the Solicitor or Doctor, a registration form will be sent to the party or parties named as your Attorney for them to sign.  When the paperwork is complete, it will be sent off to the Office of the Public Guardian to be registered. The Office of the Public Guardian charge a registration fee (currently £77.00).

What do I need to do?

If you do wish to have a Power of Attorney prepared, please arrange an appointment with one of our Partners who can discuss the proposals with you and then take your instructions to proceed. 

We will need the names and addresses of your proposed Attorney together with date of birth and telephone number. If you can bring these details with you, this will help.

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